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Past Projects

Since 1995, AQCA has had many accomplishments. These include:

- Being instrumental in limiting the expansion of adult entertainment businesses within the residential areas of downtown Springfield
- Meeting with downtown business owners (current and potential) to discuss neighborhood concerns
- Holding forums for local election candidates
- Organizing neighborhood cleanups
- Hosting historic walking tours and home tours
- Hosting summer concerts in neighborhood parks

Newsletters (pdf files)

When we put one out the link to it will be here.

Current E-Blast (a compilation of events we know of) is on our “Home” page.

Past “e-blasts” for 2017 are as follows (as an example of what we send out):





The above are in pdf file formate to give you an idea of what we were sending out at that time. We might not continue to put past “e-blasts” up on this website. AQCA Blog - no longer being maintained :(

Please contact us if you are interested in helping revive this project!

This page was last updated on 05/08/17