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Board of Directors meeting for AQCA
The AQCA Board of Directors meets this afternoon at 140 Chestnut St.
at the Mezzanine level of Kimball Towers Condominiums.

We will address issues of concern to our people in the Metro Center area
and make plans for our General Meeting and Christmas Party, also at the Kimball, on December 21st.

All are welcome and especially those that want to be a part of this active group that desires to work towards positive improvements in our already great place to work and live. We start at 4PM and normally end before 5:30PM

When you get to the Mezzanine level we are directly across from the elevators, the door with the big brass sign saying "AQCA".
There are comfy chairs around if you get there before one of the rest of the board of directors member do. By the time one of the board members has arrived a sign will go downstairs telling what number to call to be let in so you can get safely into this secure building.

Also tell us if you would like to be on one of our committees.

4:00 PM