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General Meeting
This General Meeting will begin with an agenda announcement and a little about AQCA.

Teh main meeting will be about safety with information from the Police and Fire Departments but we will first hear from a lady telling about community health and safety in this time of holidays. Later we hear from city councilman at large, Jesse Lederman about issues he in interested in. That is an opportunity for us to tell what we care about also.

After about 8:30PM we are packing up our stuff (sound system, food plates, etc.) and will move down to the AQCA office at Kimball Towers Condominiums or their large room, if more want to continue this conversation as Museum Park Apartments must be setting up the room for a funeral and we need to leave so they can start doing that at 9PM.
There we are most welcome to listen to comments and answer any questions you might have. If we do not know the answer that moment, we will take your contact information and get back to you promptly with what we find out.

We hope you will come and perhaps ask about becoming an AQCA member and receiving the benefits that come with such a membership.

Ask if you would have an interest in being on any of our committees or work with us on some projects. We always welcome willing hands and new ideas on how to make this area an even better place to visit, live, or work in.

And most of all we wish you a Thankful, Safe, and Happy holiday season looking forward to a Prosperous and Happy New Year for you and yours also.