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NO General Meeting, info here about recreational marijuana
The Armoury Quadrangle Civic Association was to resume it’s schedule of General Meetings tonight at 7PM, however, due to the upcoming city council meeting on recreational Marijuana we are not meeting so people can loot at the issue and maybe come to the city council and express their wishes on the 25th at city hall. This link is for the agenda for that meeting and it has links to other documents to be presented there. You will need to call the city council office in the afternoon and have your name put on the list so you will be called to speak, should you want to do so.
The AQCA board of director’s meeting is on October 3rd and we will attempt to have the dates and topics and locations of our General Meetings throughout the rest of this year set at that time.
The board of directors meets at the AQCA office on the mezzanine floor of the Kimball condominium building each month on the first Wednesday at 4PM, unless it is changed for a special occasion.
We promised to have more links and such about the recreational marijuana issue and here are some of them.
  Video of City Council Meeting:
  Cannabis Control Commission Guidelines for Municipalities:
  City Council Contact Info:
  Planning Dept Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Regs:
28 Aug 2018 draft regs
Marijuana use table for 2018
Street list Exhibit A:
  Zoning Map  
There was a meeting at the East Springfield Neighborhood Council about a week ago and this link is to the pdf of the items presented at that meeting where these items were put on the screen.

Time: Study links below