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National Night Out gathering at Apremont Triangle
We had a small gathering of neighbors from the Metro Center area (four different sections) at Apremont Triangle in conjunction with the National Night Out campaign happening throughout the city. We had hoped to have various people stop by and have some soda and water and chips to share. But we found out the morning of the event we did needed a permit and it was to late to get one.
So we just gathered and shared the time and such. We came together at 4PM and at 5:30PM moved into the AQCA office at the Kimball because of the thunder and impending rain. We thank the Kimball for making the community room available for us should we need it.
Some folks brought food to share and left us with some chips and such we will share at our next General Meeting in September. We brought a few folding chairs from the AQCA office for people to sit in the park and enjoy the night. All in all it was a good time together.

We changed the signage and had someone at the AQCA office until 7PM in case someone dropped by. One person did tell about a street light missing or not working coming up one of the streets near the Kimball and some told of the things they would like to see changed and we shared some of the things we like about living here. This was the reason for our gathering, to share the night together.
We will talked of what we liked about living in this area of the city so near Main Street and discussed how we can be a part of making it even better.
Here is an image of some of us discussing things at the park.
we also printed up sheets to tell of the other national night out events we had seen published and handed them out. The pdf for that is here if you want to share with anyone what different spots were having events that night in our city.
This event replaced our General Meeting for August and our next General Meeting will be the 20th of September.
Our board of Directors will meet at the AQCA office on the mezzanine level of the Kimball (140 Chestnut Street) at 4PM on September 5th, the first Wednesday in September.

Time: 4 - 7 PM