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AQCA Board of Directors Meeting
Our Board of Directors, the decision making body for us in the summer,
meets this afternoon at 4PM at our office conference area at
140 Chestnut Street (Kimball Towers). We are on the mezzanine,
so when you get off the elevator our door with AQCA on it
is straight ahead. If you go up the stairs, turn right at the top
and you will be right in front of our bulletin board and then our door.

There are comfy seats there for you if you get there before us.

We make plans and set goals and this month especially we will be planning the General Meeting at Classical High Condominiums when we have the local candidates for various offices present their positions.

We understand the deadline for submitting signatures is August 1st so come on the 17th (Third Thursday of the month) and see if there is a new candidate the rest of the world has not told about yet.

At this meeting we announce our confirmed meeting locations and topics for September, October, November and December meetings.

We will also present and maybe vote on changes suggested so far to our Constitution and Bylaws, if any, to keep our governing documents “current” with our needs today.

Also we plan to finalize our goals for the Fiscal Year 2018 tonight.

Especially come if you are interested in being a member of our board of directors as we desire to have someone from every segment of our diverse and vibrant urban population on our governing board.

Time: 4:00PM