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Board of Directors Meeting
The Board of Directors of the Armoury Quadrangle Civic Association met today at 4pm.
WE set a calendar for General Meeting Themes for September through January of 2019.
We also agreed to NOT have a general meeting in August but to focus on s time of sharing with each other about the things we LIKE about our area at Apremont Triangle as part of the National Night Out events in this city.
All we urged to come and join us at Apremont Triangle Tuesday, August 7, from 4-7PM and maybe later. We will have a listing of the other events, some information about RING as a partner in this national event and mostly we get together with neighbors to enjoy the night together. And this link is to the flyer we had posted for this event.

the next Board of Directors meeting is here at the AQCA office on September 5th at 4PM.

Time: 4Pm - 7pm