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Board of Directors Meeting, Officer Nominations, Annual Meeting items.
We meet at our conference area in our office at 140 Chestnut Street,
(the Kimball Towers Condominiums) on the mezzanine area;
(directly across from the elevators) with the AQCA sign on the door.

At this meeting we set the agenda for our Annual Meeting
and will approve Bylaw and Constitution and other changes to present
at that annual meeting. So come if you have a change for us.

Tonight we also set the officers nominated and approved by the board to be accepted by our membership at the General Meeting the 18th, which is also our Annual Meeting for the year.

After announcements as to certain things we share and that we decide if we will announce at our Annual Meeting, we plan refreshments and good wishes for all for a happy and prosperous new year. The Annual Meeting for us is also a time of saying Thank You for those that have served AQCA so well in the past year and this board meeting is one place to figure out how that sense of appreciation could be demonstrated.

We look forward to seeing you at our General Meetings (on the third Thursday of each month except in the summer) and remember our Board of Directors meets every month, normally on the first Wednesday of the month at this same location.

Time: 4:00PM