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General and Annual Meeting

As the heading says, tonight our General Meeting is also our Annual Meeting.

We begin with some announcements, an over view of things accomplished,
and a presentation of importance to all.

We will break for a few minutes for some refreshments as we set up for the Annual Meeting portion of the program.

Our Annual Meeting portion of this meeting will now begin with the formal presentation of things agreed to by our Board of Directors to be approved of by this meeting of members of AQCA. Such things as Constitution and ByLaw changes will be discussed and perhaps foci for next year.

The Annual Meeting then moves to Election of Officers and the slate of officers adopted by the Board of Directors is presented for approval. At this time any additonal person’s names may be added “from the floor”. If there are but one name for every office to be selected in the election, a motion is appropriate for the officers so uncontested to be elected “by acclamation”!

The meeting concludes with comments from the newly elected (or re-elected) Presiding officer and announcements and best wishes for all for a Happy and Prosperous new year.

Time: 7PM